Veli Foliage Ceiling/Wall Lamp by Slamp

Veli Foliage Ceiling/Wall Lamp by Slamp


In a time where in the middle of this frenetic life, getting in touch with nature is a luxury, Veli Foliage Ceiling/Wall Lamp brings something fresh to domestic spaces.Over 268 handcrafted bends and folds make up every piece in the collection; Foliage is a union of Veli’s soft, sartorial features and the perfection of the natural world.



SIZE: Ø 36 cm x h. 13 cm (S)/  Ø 54 cm x h. 16 cm (M)/  Ø 78 cm x h. 22 cm (L)

COLOURS: Foliage

MATERIALS: Opalflex®

WITH: MagneticSystem®

LIGHT SOURCE: Bulbs E27 or E26: 2 X 6W LED Filament


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