Vase Golden Dragon Large by Eichholtz

Vase Golden Dragon Large by Eichholtz


The gorgeous Golden Dragon L Vase is inspired by the traditional Asian urn that is often presented as a wedding gift. The black shouldered jar and its domed lid with gold coloured rim and foo dog finial brings Ming style into your modern décor.



Materials: Porcelain

Finishes: Black porcelain & gold porcelain

Dimensions(in cm): D54 X H115

Weight: 62

Handmade in France


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  • How to care for Ceramics

    Learn how to clean your ceramic objects. Since rough or careless handling is one of the most common causes of damage to ceramics, the pieces should be handled as little as possible. Most ceramics can be handled without gloves, as long as your hands are clean and dry. Remove jewelry that can scratch ceramic surfaces such as watches, bracelets, and rings.

    Here are a few basic rules for getting the most out of your ceramic objects and ensuring their longevity:

    • Place ceramic vases and lamp bases on felt pads.
    • Never use a dishwasher to clean ceramics.
    • Avoid lifting ceramic objects by their protruding parts (such as finials).