The Lightning Archives of Studio Job by Slamp

The Lightning Archives of Studio Job by Slamp


Iconic semantics meet Dadaist derivations in Studio Job’s ode to the Tube, bringing a daring poetic aura to the historic Slamp masterpiece, first produced in the early nineties. The collection of 7 extravagant lamps are illuminated by a strong, surrealist identity born of creative expression: Labyrinth, Love Peace Joy, Perished, Peace Skull, Faena Art, Bananas, L’Afrique. Its elegant silhouette, crafted of engineered plastic, is adorned with a distinctive pattern, adding character to a modern or contemporary decor. 



Material: Patented Techno-polymer
Dimensions (in): W 14.57 x D 8.27 x H 62.99
Dimensions (cm): W 37 x D 21 x H 160
Handmade In Italy

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    Available in seven different patterns like Love Peace Joy, Perished, L'Afrique, Labyrinth, Faena Art, Bananas and Peace Skull


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