Safa Mono White & Yellow Vase by Paola Paronetto

Safa Mono White & Yellow Vase by Paola Paronetto


Every one of Paola Paronetto’s creations is unique. From her exclusive clay mix, to the opaque and natural colour finish, each piece is completely handmade. Slight variations in shape, colour and size are to be considered a guarantee of authenticity and value. They are finished with non-toxic satin-finish enamels. Although very rarely, it is possible for them to leak after long periods of exposure to water. It is therefore advisable to test their water resistance before using them on delicate surfaces. They should not be used as dining utensils. The white pieces can be washed with water or sanitizing products, whereas the coloured pieces must be treated more gently and cleaned with a feather duster or a soft cloth, dry or moistened very slightly with water.



Material: Ceramics
Dimensions (in): W 4.72 x D 4.72 x H 15.75
Dimensions (cm): W 12 x D 12 x H 40
Handmade In Italy

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