Radiofonografo rr226 fo-st noce canaletto by Brionvega

Radiofonografo rr226 fo-st noce canaletto by Brionvega


Unmissable collector's item, unique in the world, PRIMO is the name of the radiofonografo produced as it was imagined in 1965 by the Castiglioni brothers. It is re-proposed today in a limited edition of only 100 pieces as an extraordinary tribute, not only to Italian art and industrial design - the most important in the world - also to one of the most iconic pieces of BRIONVEGA, capable of furnishing rooms with music more cult in every part of the planet. The walnut wood, that characterizes its aesthetic appearance, is particulary valuable. It is defined canaletto due to its the internal channels that carry chlorophyll. It is characterized by its unique chocolate color, sometimes blended with purple streaks. The choices of its veins and flames are not accidental, they're carefully selected to mix and embrace th

e paths and parables offered by nature itself. The result is the harmony and the beauty, that only wood can provide, always different and unique.

Every radiofonografo is an unique handwork, but at its origin there is a manufacturing process of extreme precision, with buttons and chassis made by CNC milling machines, a stand melted in a single piece from a sand mould and then painted individually and with the utmost care. The capable hands of our artisans turn semifinished pro- ducts into truly unique products. Wood panels sanding, components assembly, stand finishing and silk screen printing are all processes allowing the italian craftsman- ship tradition to make each radiofonografo unique.

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    Shipping will take 4-6 weeks.

  • Technical Details

    125+125W audio amplifier with auto-limitation

    AM/FM Radio

    2 RCA audio jacks for external sources

    1 RCA audio output for connecting to an external amplification system

    1 RCA audio output for connecting to an external subwoofer

    1 3.5 millimetre preamp audio jack for headphones

    External power through power supply unit

    Project turntable with Ortofon cartridge

    Rests on a cart with forged aluminum wheels