Plumage Wall Tiles by Botteganove

Plumage Wall Tiles by Botteganove

1 Square meter

Plumage, designed by Cristina Celestino, takes up and explores both the traditional ceramic and porcelain mosaic work and artistic ceramic productions. 

The collection is divided into two types of tesserae made from as many forms of feathers. Both types can be made either in hand-decorated ceramic or in paste-dyed Limoges porcelain. The wall combinations of the tiles are infinite and generate fascinating environments, vibrant with light, populated by natural geometries such as feathers which, thanks to the decorations, compose graphic shapes and unexpected textures.



Material: Ceramics and Limoges Porcelain
Dimensions (cm): W3,9xDx 9,4
Handmade In Italy


*Customization is available on request.

  Samples are available

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