Not a Cube Stool by InsidherLand

Not a Cube Stool by InsidherLand


Not a Cube is a geometric composition that follows the reductionist tendencies of Minimal Art, emerged in the United States in the mid-1960s.

Particularly influenced by the work of Donald Judd, in which the artist exposes on a wall four square boxes, identical and empty in a square-shaped composition (Untitled, 1991), the design of Not a Cube is also born out of the square as a pure geometric shape. In Judd’s composition, the visualization from the central point of the set shows the depth of two interior faces of each elementary object. It is exactly this bilateral detail that is explored in Not a Cube. In order to obtain the depth effect, two sides rise independently of the square seat to offer comfort to the back.

A square that by jumping into three-dimensional reality would become a cube, but it is not. It is an exercise of geometric composition and purification that doesn’t intend to be an absolutely minimal piece. Not a Cube is a contemporary bench reduced to its essential so that the versatility of its upholstery is highlighted in the most diverse interiors.



Materials: Fabrics

Dimensions: (in cm) H65 X W48 X D48

Handmade in Portugal

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