Mamegotchi by Federico Clapis

Mamegotchi by Federico Clapis


The piece above, MamaEgotchi plays with a modern toy theme. About 80 million Tamagotchis have sold worldwide. In fact, the inventor won an IG Nobel Prize for Economics. This toy’s established A-List. So, Federico Clapis the sculptor confidently fiddles with the name to entitle his concrete piece. His Ego insertion seems subtle in the name. But it makes a profound impact.

For instance, this piece could refer to babies as ego boosters and toys. People have babies for all sorts of egocentric reasons. They sometimes even treat an infant like a Tamagotchi. When an infant first comes home it’s a hamster wheel of: feed-change-burp-feed-change-burp. It’s repetitive to the point of robotic to some degree. But this piece points out that babies aren’t ego boosters or toys. They’re human above all else.


Details & Dimensions

Materials: Concrete

Dimension (in cm) 50 x 40 x 40

Handmade in Italy


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