Little Mermaid  Bed by Circu

Little Mermaid Bed by Circu


Little Mermaid is a shell bed, inspired by Disney’s princess Ariel and her undersea kingdom. This luxurious princess bed is a unique item that will highlight the decor of any little girl’s room.Produced entirely in fiberglass, it seats atop rocks and features two round halves joined by a reinforced hinge area, which allows the structure to stand still without closing or sealing. The finishes are in a paint pigment that provides an exclusive color changing effect.The inside of this shell bed is pure magic, featuring a round mattress and a glowing color-changing light coming from the top shell, turning it into a relaxing space and sensory environment.



Materials: Fiberglass and Resin, Wood

Finishes: Magical Rainbow Paint

Dimensions: Diam: 200 cm | 78.7"Height: 180 cm | 70.8"Mattress Included Diam: 150 cm | 59"

Weight: Approx.: 383 Kg

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