Lafleur by Slamp

Lafleur by Slamp


Marc Sadler was driven by the desire to move beyond the known and find a new compositional language while shaping Slamp’s technopolymers. The delicate, delectable, and rechargeable Lafleur battery-powered table lamp is formed by heating Lentiflex at a controlled temperature and then hand-moulding it to create the blossom. The lamp has a magnetic base and comes with a complimentary metal anchor, fit to go under a tablecloth for a whimsical mise-en-place, or screwed into the wall, turning Lafleur into an appliqué.



SIZE: Ø 15 cm X h.26 cm / Ø 5-3/4” x h. 10”


MATERIALS: Lentiflex® / Copper wires

WITH: USB/DC plug included
Magnetic base and complementary anchor

LIGHT SOURCE: LED: 1,3W Dimmable LED 150 Lumen - 2700 Kelvin Rechargable Li-po Battery 5V
AT MAXIMUM INTENSITY Around 6,5 hours duration
AT MINIMUM INTENSITY Around 60 hours duration

WEIGHT: Net: Kg 0,2 / lbs 0,44 Gross: Kg 0,6 / lbs 1,32

PACKAGE: 20 x 20 x h. 32 cm / 8” x 8” x h. 10,92”


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