Flora Floor Lamp by Slamp

Flora Floor Lamp by Slamp


Flora is inspired by the Monstera Deliciosa plant. Sixty petals surround a satin sphere illuminated from its core. The lamp is available both as a suspension version, as well as a ground version resting on thin legs that resemble a flower’s pistils. The petals’ shiny finish, to which we have added gun-metal grey, is achieved through an innovative aluminum vapourization system that creates an evocative play on light, seemingly stolen from the sun at its zenith.

SIZE: Ø 50 cm x h. 170 cm / Ø 19-3/4” x h. 67 ”

COLOURS: Gold, Silver, Copper, Pewter

MATERIALS: Goldflex®/ Steelflex® Pewterflex® / Copperflex® / Methacrylate

WITH: MagneticSystem® - Dimmer Hand-finished Sphere

LIGHT SOURCE: Bulbs E27: 3 X 12W LED Filament

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