Filligree Lucanus Wall Lamp by Boca Do Lobo

Filligree Lucanus Wall Lamp by Boca Do Lobo

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The Lucanus sconce brings a sophisticated symbiosis between a rare insect figure and the pure beauty of the silver filigree. The plate is made of polished brass and gold plated and completes this masterpiece. The stag beetle inspires Boca do Lobo, that takes the insects metamorphosis' idiosyncrasy as a metaphor to reflect the dynamic character of the brand itself, always challenging the perception of beauty through new design concepts and innovative techniques.



Materials: Gold Plated Brass

Dimensions(cm):W35 X D16 X H50

Dimensions(inch):W13.7 X D6.3 X 19.6

Arts & Techniques: Polished brass plate with gold plated brass

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