D/vision .2 by Fratelli Boffi

D/vision .2 by Fratelli Boffi


Dvision.2 is the expression of pure design. Unique and unexpected shapes for a living room furniture that can amaze, without forgetting functionality and practicality. Different materials, colors and styles come together in this luxury piece of furniture.D / Vision.2 , the last of the three projects, completes the metamorphosis by dividing the original object into a kind of explosion. As in a cubist painting, which depicts the subject looking at it from different points of view as it happened in the perspective view, the trumeau is decomposed into different parts and immortalized. Each part becomes a container in its own right, but the importance of everything reappears as soon as one observes the beauty of the piece of furniture as a whole. The addition of military green backgrounds, alternating with areas where the original frisé wood was kept, complete the design of a product that makes the boundary between the single piece and the furniture reproducible in series.



Materials: Polished brass feet, with internal shelves in glass and wood.

Finish:frisè walnut wood - matte green military lacquered.

Dimensions (in cm): L.155 x W.45,5 x H.221 

Handmade in Italy

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