Couple Botanical by Rug'Society

Couple Botanical by Rug'Society


COUPLE rug is the most romantic rug of all collection and tells us that, in our lives, we should never dispense love and our relationship with others. Exquisitely designed, COUPLE brings a certain aura of romanticism, mystery, and magic to any ambiance. A 100% handmade rug that combines the hand-tufted and overtufting techniques with the noblest materials: Natural Wool and Botanical Silk.



Hand-tufted, Overtufting


Natural Wool, Botanical Silk



200 x 300cm | 78,74” x 118,11” 
300 x 450cm | 118,11” x 177,17” 
400 x 600cm | 157,48” x 236,22” 
600 x 800cm | 236,2” x 314.96”


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