Clizia Mama Non Mama Applique by Slamp

Clizia Mama Non Mama Applique by Slamp


Who hasn’t held a daisy in their hands, repeating, “loves me, loves me not”? Clizia Mama Non Mama is inspired by nature’s purity. Handcrafted from interlocking Cristalflex® petals, complete with a magnetic system that allows for easy installation and cleaning, Clizia Mama Non Mama is an ode to joy, femininity, primordial love, and pure emotion.



SIZE: Ø 32 cm x 15 cm / 12-1/2” x 5-3/4”

COLOURS: Mama non mama

MATERIALS: Cristalflex®

WITH: MagneticSystem®

LIGHT SOURCE: Bulbs E14: 2 x 6W LED Filament


WEIGHT: Net: Kg 0,50 / lbs 1,10 Gross: Kg 1,50 / lbs 3,31

PACKAGE: 36 x 38 x h 15 cm / 14-1/4” x 15” x h 5-3/4”

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