Clinker Tiles by Botteganove

Clinker Tiles by Botteganove

1 Square meter

The "clinker" is the historical brick, particularly resistant, obtained by firing at very high temperatures and characterized on the surface by a typical vitrified appearance. This cladding material was used, starting after the Second World War, by Caccia Dominioni, Gardella, Ponti, Albini (and others), characterizing many of the iconic buildings of Milan in the 1950s. The clinker, according to the designers who exalted its qualities, was intended to be a sort of translucent and colored texture, which covered the skeleton of the building. The BottegaNove clinker collection takes inspiration from this architectural reference: hexagonal mosaic tiles, made of black paste, with very high mechanical characteristics and a vitrified surface. The tiles have color nuances that play on teal and green tones. Different firing temperatures intervene in the vitrification process of the glazes, creating tones and colors with different shades.




• Material: Stoneware
• Dimensions (cm): W 5,7x6,5 
• Handmade In Italy


*Customization is available on request.

 Samples are available