Cactus Vase #4 by Paola Paronetto

Cactus Vase #4 by Paola Paronetto


Italian ceramist Paola Paronetto handcrafts this striking vase with paper clay (pulp fiber and clay mixture), a laborious process that results in works with rich tactile quality. This vase features four cylindrical shapes of various sizes assembled in the shape of a cactus, the ridged surface giving it a paper- and cactus-like quality. The glossy white interior is waterproof and can contain fresh flowers or succulents to create unique displays. Each piece of the collection is unique and unrepeatable. It can contain water and therefore flowers, or dried elements but it should not be used as a dining utensil. The white pieces can be washed with water or sanitizing products, whereas the coloured pieces must be treated more gently and cleaned with a feather duster or a soft cloth, dry or moistened very slightly with water.



Material: Ceramics
Dimensions (in): W 11.02 x D 11.02 x H 23.62
Dimensions (cm): W 28 x D 28 x H 60
Handmade In Italy

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