Arizona Mirror, Brass and Red Lacquered by InsidherLand

Arizona Mirror, Brass and Red Lacquered by InsidherLand


In the remote location of Coyote Buttes lies one of Arizona’s treasures. The absolutely surreal undulating patterns of ‘The Wave’ inspired the creation of the Arizona mirror. Formed by layers of noble materials such as brass and bronze mirror that resemble the sandy shades of the rocky formation, Arizona is a piece that recreates the natural forces of the place through the materials layering and the sensuality of its infinite curves. Arizona red lacquered mirror is a decorative sculpture and a state of art.



Materials:Bronze mirror, polished brass, red wine lacquered with high gloss varnish.

Dimensions(in cm): H115 X W84 X D4

Dimensions<inch): H45.28  X W33.08 X D1.58

Weight:46Kg 101,5 lbs

Handmade in Portugal

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