Agatha by Rug'Society

Agatha by Rug'Society


Agata is a type of quartz, known for irregular shapes and its typical colors: grey and bluish-grey. Most agates occur like nodules in eruptive rocks and when cut, they show all their inner beauty. Agatha rug was born with a strong connection with nature and the two techniques present on this modern rug, Hand-tuft and Overtufting, enhance the beauty of this product.



Hand-tufted, Overtufting


Natural Wool, Botanical Silk



200 x 300cm | 78,74” x 118,11” 
300 x 450cm | 118,11” x 177,17” - IN STOCK 
400 x 600cm | 157,48” x 236,22” 
600 x 800cm | 236,2” x 314.96

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