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The magic of Paper and clay by Paola Paronetto

Italy based Paola Paronetto has devoted her life to perfecting the ceramics craft. For several years, she has created delightful objects made of paper clay. Her art has been noticed and appreciated by the interior - or design industry as well as the most recognized art galleries in the world. Her collections are available at www.annasach.studio

Paola Paronetto accumulated ceramic experience in the most famous Italian ateliers in Gubbio, Deruta, Faenza, Vicenza and Florence. Her experiments with ceramics have been related not only to the technique and form but also the materials used by the artist in her designs. For over 30 years of working with clay, Paronetto has resorted to various methods of making ceramics from her beloved paper clay and raku ware (where ceramics are removed from the hot kiln and placed in a barrel with sawdust to provide a reducing atmosphere for the glaze).

Paper clay is in fact a mixture of clay and paper in the following proportions: 10 to 30% of paper, the rest clay. Paper gives clay incredible flexibility that no other ceramic blend can offer. As a result, clay dries quickly and fresh parts can be attached to dry surfaces. According to Paronetto, the method opens up unlimited technical and artistic opportunities, previously considered impossible in regular ceramics. It also proves an excellent solution in creating large sculptures.

In the process of firing objects made from paper clay, the paper is burnt down to reveal only the clay form with an astonishing structure. Sometimes, the artist purposefully does not remove the seams from the surface of the ceramics to add more intriguing accents to the artefacts. Paronetto’s collections include everyday use objects as well as purely decorative ones, frequently large ones. Be it a small coffee cup, a lamp or a large sculpture, Paronetto’s art reflects her amazing craftsmanship. Last but not least, she sends out an artistic message that nothing is more beautiful than simplicity.

To shop her collection please visit www.annasach.studio

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