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Slamp at Architect@Work Paris 2020

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Known for creating iconic and original lighting for over 25 years now, this year Slamp left everyone at A@W Paris 2020 in awe of their Nuvem ceiling light designed by the Architect Miguel Arruda. The one meter hexagonal units can be connected in endless combinations, giving interior designers the freedom and flexibility to create unique installations. 

The other space hosted  Slamp’s iconic Clizia Mama Non Mama. Designer Adriano Rachele brought the romantic, luminous petals to light in 2013, and has added numerous versions to the collection over the years. 

The A@W Paris 2020 jury selected two innovative Slamp projects: the award-winning Architect Zaha Hadid’s AVIA Edition Capsule Collection, and Slamp R&D Team’s HUGO, a techno-decorative system that allows for up to seven, 1-metre units to be connected using a single electrical output.

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