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Skymagic : Painting the sky with Drones.

Skymagic company is a leader in drone light show based out of United Kingdom & Singapore. Recently, they have delivered a breathtaking 300 drone light show as part of the Mayor of London’s New Year’s Eve fireworks and lighting display.

SKYMAGIC used a staggering fleet of 300 drones — the UK’s largest and London’s first ever large-scale drone show — to vividly depict some of the most iconic moments of 2020 including The Nightingale, Captain Sir Tom Moore and Sir David Attenborough’s turtle, as well as a humorous nod to the all-too-common phrase from a year of video-calling, “you’re on mute”.

With a special narration from Sir David Attenborough, the 10-minute show designed for home-viewing and created in collaboration with the BBC, was broadcast live on BBC1 and watched by a global viewing audience of millions.

Patrick O’Mahony, Creative Director of SKYMAGIC commented, “It is an honour and privilege to play a part in this most special of New Year’s Eve shows. It has been a long-held ambition to bring our drone light show to London and working with such a great team at Jack Morton to deliver this has been an absolute pleasure. I am very proud of everyone at SKYMAGIC who have worked tirelessly to get us here and to bring something new to the capital’s skyline.”

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