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Lush Island Mansion in Capri by Boca Do Lobo is nothing short of a dream.

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

In the beautiful landscapes of Capri sits this dream house with the best of luxury design and craftsmanship by Boca Do Lobo along with  Luxxu, Mysa, Maison Valentina, Cobra Art Company and Rug Society.

The villa in a remote location of Capri is blessed with breathtaking view of sea, mountains and greenery. Like any grand island mansion, it has an extensive sundeck, an infinite pool, a private heliport, with all the rooms having a panoramic view. However, its’ the indoor-outdoors dream areas that create the magnificent lush lifestyle experience.

The living room sports a gold theme. It combines gold hues on dark walls with exquisite art. The living room displays Boca do Lobo’s Imperfectio sofa and Eden Center Table, and Luxxu’s Empire Chandelier. The outdoors are made to tan, chill and for the summer parties. The terrace lounge is furnished with gold pieces and modern sittings.

Curated by renowned design brands, this contemporary island mansion displays unique craftsmanship and bespoke details. It has three floors, of which one is dedicated entirely to the young family’s private areas.

This isolated millionaire house is the ultimate summer paradise. Boca do Lobo studio even joined forces with the luxury fashion brand, Jimmy Choo to create the perfect walk-in closet, with a gold and white color scheme highlighted by the best shoes on display.

Gold means success, prosperity, and luxury. So, it only makes sense that all the divisions of this island mansion are elegantly put together with gold accents.

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