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Italian Ceramist Vincenzo Del Monaco showcases his work on Annasach.studio

Vincenzo Del Monaco born in Grottaglie, Apulia Puglia, Italy. He has received multiple accolades for his ceramic works such as 'XXIII Mostra of the Ceramics of Grottaglie' .

He has been living and working in Grottaglie since the year 2009, where he is experimenting and developing a repertoire of artistic ceramics based on the tradition of craftsmanship artistic and its possible future developments in the third millennium.

Above is a Greta Sculpture the regal poise of this magnificent piece of art is brought to life through del Monaco's craftsmanship and aesthetic vision. This is a piece that will become the focal point of any room of the house.

Vincenzo's Blu Demeter Vase was born from the brand's desire to apply the principles of architecture to vase design. The result is a highly sculptural structure whose multi-faceted surface is reminiscent of a building's facade.

His Tangre Set of Four Sculptures is a stunning set of four sculptures is inspired by the Tanagra female figurines of the Greek Hellenistic period, used as offerings to the gods.Handcrafted in ceramic with a matte white finish that captures the fluidity of the figures' soft shapes, each in a contrast pose, this sophisticated set will make a great addition to any decor.

My favorite pick is his Standing Man collection this fine art sculpture is crafted in artistic ceramic and finished with superficial applications heterogeneously distributed on the anatomy of the figure.

Discover Vincenzo Del Monaco's collection also knows as Bottega Del Monaco at www.annasach.studio

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