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India a rising new consumer of Luxury Craftsmanship

The word “craftsmanship is often synonymous with luxury. The phrase evokes the durability and excellence of exquisite products from furniture to high fashion– pieces worthy of consumers’ investment. Luxury Craftsmanship goods are also undeniably well-made.

Gone are the days when India sacrificed real craftsmanship at the altar of expediency. While we are still capable of recognizing the value of something that has been expertly constructed, we often choose the cheap and easy option instead.

With the sudden increased demand of luxury craftsmanship from the cities such as Hyderabad and Mumbai, there is pressure on these global brands to find new ways of making their craftsmanship more accessible. Providing personalized services, offering sustainable business practices and linking both online and offline experiences, are some strategies the most prominent luxury brands are now bringing to the table.

Many Portuguese and Italian luxury brands like Boca Do Lobo, Brabbu and Slamp have already become household names in India. Indian consumers for luxury craftsmanship are young and well-traveled they increasingly understand the value of real craftsmanship.

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