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Brabbu's furniture adds glamour to Château de Drudas: The Incredible Hotel

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Château de Drudas was built in 18th century, making it a historic building. This incredible hotel was entirely renovated by Laure Wormser in PH2B, but keeping the period style, this intimate new setting outside of time invites you to enjoy an authentic experience. The property is located in the beautiful village of Drudas at the heart of the Occitane' region between Toulouse and Montauban.

This project has used Brabbu's Hermes Sofa, in the welcome area of the hotel. Hermes is the God of boundaries, travel and communication. This was the inspiration behind HERMES Sofa.

Château de Drudas is the perfect example of how to bring modern interior design to a vintage space. With remarkable architectural details that hold the glory from a noble past and traditions, more than presenting its wonderful and luxurious pieces of furniture, the hotel aims to provide those who live through design, an unforgettable experience.

Discover Brabbu at www.annasach.studio.

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