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Botteganove-A Master of artisan ceramic and porcelain mosaics for wall covering and home accessories

The company Botteganove was founded by a young entrepreneur Christian Pegoraro in the year 2004 and is located in Nove, Italy. Nove has been a home of manufacturers of ceramics since 1700. Christian Pegoraro with his company has therefore been able to combine the ancient knowledge of the artisan tradition with a modern vision, capable of responding to the needs of architects and clients without design limits.

My favorite pick from Botteganove would definitely be their unique and beautiful Plumage Tiles and Plumage Vases. Plumage, designed by Cristina Celestino, takes up and explores both the traditional ceramic and porcelain mosaic work and artistic ceramic productions. The collection, born from the comparison of the two craft traditions, has led to a line of three-dimensional tiles with ribs, to which infinite decoration possibilities can be applied. A product of handcrafted excellence which, although reproducible in large numbers, allows for total customization of shades, colors and combinations.

Plumage was born from a strongly evocative scenario, inspired by the plumage of birds, which leads a subtle game between contemporary vision and traditional workmanship. The investigation of plumage in nature is transformed into the tesserae in the form of overlapping of both modules, shapes and decorations, giving the covered wall the perception of individual feathers and of a single whole at the same time.

The collection is divided into two types of tesserae made from as many forms of feathers. Both types can be made both in hand-decorated ceramic and in paste-dyed Limoges porcelain. The wall combinations of the tiles are infinite and generate fascinating environments, vibrant with light, populated by natural geometries such as feathers which, thanks to the decorations, make up graphic shapes and unexpected textures.

To shop Plumage Vases and Tiles please visit www.annasach.studio

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