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Award winning contemporary ceramic art and sculptures.

Cartocci Collection by Paola Paronetto has won her the 'Favorite Design Award'. Cartocci is a collection of decorative objects made by hand using the paper clay technique. Applying a combination of paper, cardboard and clay, the ceramist Paola Paronetto creates sculptural works, inspired by objects of everyday life and forms of nature. Thanks to the harmonious proportions, the refined lines and the apparent fragility of the material, the Cartocci collection evoke individual emotions and associations in the observer. This effect is reinforced by the skilful colouring of the pieces, which Paola Paronetto develops with great care. Shop here

Plumage Vase winner of the, 'Elle Deco Design Award' and designed by Cristina Celestino, explores both traditional ceramic, mosaic work and artistic ceramic productions.The collection, born from the comparison of the two craft traditions, has led to a line of three-dimensional tiles with ribs, to which infinite decoration possibilities can be applied. A product of handcrafted excellence which, although reproducible in large numbers, allows for total customization of shades, colors and combinations. Shop here

Vincenzo Del Monaco's standing man sculpture has earned him many accolades and recognition. This fine art sculpture is crafted in artistic ceramic and finished with superficial applications heterogeneously distributed on the anatomy of the figure. This particular model, 48 cm in height, and is available in yellow, green and purple color. Shop here

Crypto connection by Federico Clapis is a winner of numerous awards.This giant yet elegant sculpture is also gracing the museums of Venice, Italy , Munich, Milano and Rio de Janeiro with its presence. A dynamic statue crafted from resin in pristine white, The Connection depicts a pregnant belly where the growing child inside is holding an electronic device. The artist has chosen a creative way to show how technology is an automatic part of a child's formation in this century.

Crypto Connection", is also situated prominently at Observation Point on London's Southbank between the OXO Tower and the BFI, has been deemed one of the most ambitious marketing projects in the crypto world to date. The use of classical sculpture in polished bronze together with a provocative futuristic topic juxtaposes perfectly to reflect the dichotomy of cryptocurrency itself: a seemly fleeting trend, yet built to endure. Shop here

Alberto Giampieri is a winner of the OMA Craftsman Award for his 'The White Symphony' Collection. The Moonlight Poppy Vase uses exceptional detail to create depth, movement and texture, and is beautifully handcrafted in Florence. This one-off signed piece is lathe-turned from white ceramic, adorned with an exquisitely detailed poppy embellishment. Inspired by the early 20th-century Art Nouveau designs, this vase brings a fresh, luxurious and artistic feel to any corner of the home. Shop here

Kumanec set of ceramic and clay vases designed by Victoria Yakusha. This Traditional Ukrainian festive pottery with a bagel-hole in the middle, transformed into modern interior decoration, has the power to unite people. Shop here

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